Tim Buntnix to take gold at the Icelandic Championships?

Tim had the highest qualification score at the event 661 and beat Albert Olafsson in the quarter finals 138-119.

The semi-finals are tomorrow morning where he will meet Paralympian Þorsteinn Halldórsson, the winner goes to the gold medal match tomorrow.

The gold medal finals will be live-streamed individually tomorrow. You can find the live-stream here when it starts. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyslF-n8Fh5zwqDLdBVzgvg

Tim is the only Belgian archer competing and will be paired up with Kirsty Robb from Scotland for a friendly compound mixed team gold medal final against Iceland that will be live streamed.

Total results can be found on http://ianseo.net/Details.php?toId=5584