Emily Blake wins the gold at the Iceland Open Championships 2019 in a very close match.

The gold medal match at the Iceland Open Championships 2019 became an all Scottish affair when Emily Blake and Kirsty Robb beat the Icelandic archers Ewa Ploszaj and Anna Maria Alfredsdottir in the semi-finals.

Kirsty and Emily had almost the same score in qualification 639 and 637 so we were in for close match.

Emily and Kirsty tied the first 3 ends of the gold medal match with the exact same score everytime. In the fourth end Kirsty put an arrow in the 7 giving Emily a 2 point lead going into the last end.

Kirsty made up the differnce in the last end leaving Emily with the last arrow to shoot and Emily had to hit a 10 to win and Emily did just that. Winning the match 138-137 and taking home the gold.

I’m sure that the support of the Blake family on the livestream pushed here to get that 1 extra point she needed for the win 😉

The gold medal match between Kirsty and Emily can be seen below on youtube.