Invitation for Cyprus Archery International Archery Cup – Aphrodite 2015

10-8-2015 Caf222 Invitation for Cyprus International Archery Cup – Aphrodite 2015-2

Boð var að berast frá Kýpur á bogfimimót hjá þeim, öllum er leyfilegt að fara sem vilja.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Cyprus Archery Federation we have
the pleasure to cordially invite you and your archers to the Cyprus International
Archery Cup – «APHRODITE 2015» which will be held in Nicosia from 16-18 of
October 2015.
We are sure you and your team will enjoy your stay in the Capital of Cyprus.
For all the necessary documents concerning the registration, organization and
participation for your team we are sending later.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Nicosia, CYPRUS.