Þjálfunarbúðir í Serbíu


21/06/2018 - 15/08/2018    
All Day

Bogfiminefndin fékk boð um að taka þátt í þjálfunarbúðum með Kóreskum þjálfara í Serbíu. Hér fyrir neðan er hægt að sjá póstinn.

Ef þið hafið áhuga á að taka þátt á þessu endilega hafið samband við president@bogfimi.is

To whom it may concern:

We are happy to inform you that renowned South Korean archery coach Dong Eun Sook will be holding a two month long training-camp in Belgrade (Serbia) at Archery club Kosutnjak  – www.ackosutnjak.com

The schedule is as follows:

Beginners and Beginners to Intermediate level from 21st till 28th of June

  • 6 hour training time with a 2 hour lunch break daily
  • Suitable for archers up to junior level
  • Coach attendance is mandatory

Intermediate and Advanced level from 2nd of July till 15th of August

  • 6 hour training time with a 2 hour lunch break daily
  • Suitable for archers of all ages and with at least some competition experience preferably
  • Coach attendance is recommended but not mandatory

Prices depend on the length of the stay:

  • Up to 10 days stay – 20 eur per day per archer
  • 11 to 20 days  stay – 15 eur per day per archer
  • 21 to 30 days stay – 12 eur per day per archer
  • More than 30 days stay – 10 eur per day par archer
  • Price for coaches is 50 eur regardless of the length of the stay

Note: Attendance shorter than 7 days is possible but not recommended

Entry deadline is 15th of June. For further information email us or call +381 60 3340460.

Best regards,

Archery club Kosutnjak.


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