Íslandsmótið innanhúss 2017 Icelandic Championships Indoor


18/03/2017 - 19/03/2017    
All Day


Dugguvogur 2, Reykjavík

Upplýsingar á Íslensku er hægt að finna hér http://archery.is/islandsmeistaramotid-innanhuss-2017/

Information in English. Registration is at the bottom of the page.

This is the registration for the Icelandic National Championships indoor 2017,  18-19 March

We welcome everyone that wants to participate from Iceland and other countries.

The tournament will be held in Bogfimisetrid archery center in Reykjavik.

For any assistance, additional information or questions you can contact the organizers president@bogfimi.is. We would be happy to help and would love to have you participate and visit Iceland 🙂

The archery center is open all year 7 days a week 12:00-22:00 for practice before and after the competition. Practice for competitors coming from abroad are included in the competition fee one week before and after the competition.

All participants can participate in the qualification round.

The match rounds will then be split into 2 brackets (so there will be 2 tournaments but only 1 qualification).

Match round brackets 1 = Icelandic Championships, only those that have resided in Iceland for 3 years or more and can become Icelandic National Champions, according to the Icelandic Olympic Committee Rules.

Match round brackets 2 = ICELAND OPEN,  All participants can participate, Icelandic participants can participate in both brackets (this split is only done when there are participants from other nations that cannot participate in the first bracket.)

Age categories, distances and target faces:
Open Category (all ages) Senior 18 meters 40cm triple face
E-50 (50+) Master 18 meters 40cm triple face
U-21 (Under 21 years of age) Junior 18 meters 40cm triple face
U-18 (Under 18 years of age) Cadet 18 meters 40cm triple face
U-15 (Under 15 years of age) Nordic Cadet 12 meters 60cm full face
U-12 (Under 12 years of age) Cub 12 meters 60cm full face

The age is determined by the year of birth (not date of birth)

Bow categories:
Barebow (barebow categories will shoot on a full face 40cm target faces and there will be no match round brackets for barebow, highest qualification score wins.)

World archery target rules will apply unless otherwise specified.

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