Gummi Archery Special International 2019 (GASI)


All Day


Dugguvogur 2, Reykjavík

Event Type

The tournament will be shoot at 18 meters.

Compound – 3x20cm field target face.

Recurve – 40cm field target face.

Barebow – 60cm field target face.

1 point (goal/hit) for each arrow that hits the gold (yellow), anything else is a MISS.

Qualification will be 30 arrows and will start at 11:00 – 08.September 2019
Everyone will advance to matches.

Matches are 15 arrows highest total score wins the match. In case of tie score 1 arrows shoot off closer to center wins.
(pretty much same as WA compound matches)
Scoring in matches will be the same 1 point (goal/hit) for hitting gold (yellow), anything else is a MISS.

We will livestream the bronze and gold finals. And the Bowtype Battle Royal Team competition Barebow vs Compound vs Recurve

International participants are welcome. (because of a question I got: Yes Iceland is also part of “international”)


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