Archers Visiting Iceland

Here are a few good things to know if you plan on visiting Iceland as a an archer.

If you want to try archery for the first time it’s not a problem. The Archery Center Bogfimisetrid in Reykjavik is open to the public, anyone can walk in of the street and try archery. No skills or hands required, everyone can shoot it’s easy. Click this link for more information.

You can participate in any tournament in Iceland. If an international archer wants to participate in a national competition we make an international side bracket for that tournament. (the list of upcoming tournaments can be found on and

If there is no tournament during your stay we will make a tournament during the dates of your stay.

It’s fun, good experience and a good opportunity to make friends for you and our archers  🙂

There are bow ownership laws in Iceland so if you plan to visit we need to get you temporary permission to enter and exit the country with your equipment.

We will need your name, address, country, flight number, passport number, flight information, bowtype (compound/recurve or barebow) and number of bows.

It’s quite easy, we do it all for you just contact us or the Archery Federation of Iceland for more info.